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Pay Per Quote
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You choose how to participate, you can simply refer United Marine to your customer or you can request quotes for your customers. We provide quotes online or by phone. There is a lookup for you or your customer to select your dealership to provide credit for the referral. If United Marine Underwriters writes a policy, there's no additional documentation necessary. If we do not write a policy, we will need a copy of the sale's agreement or similar document to establish a qualified lead. We will provide you a monthly statement showing all quotes referred for the previous month.

With just one account you can refer your customers to United Marine, list boats on BoatBrowser or lake resources on LakeBrowser.

Licensed Agent
The Licensed Agent program assists you in having a licensed insurance agent on staff. This program is best suited for dealerships with higher value vessels. This program allows us to pay you commission per policy written. We will provide the insurance company appointments, assist with obtaining the license and with meeting any other state requirements necessary. allows us to offer unique additions to our Pay Per Quote program. In addition to the FREE listings, we will pay you per quote generated from any boat you list on When anyone around the country reviews your listing and submits an insurance quote, you will be paid. BoatBrowser is a complete listing service. Enter a simple text listing or a listing with unlimited pictures and descriptions for 1 boat or 1000 boats.

Pay Per Link
Our Pay Per Link program is specifically designed to help enhance our services to your dealership. We will pay you a monthly fee for a boat insurance link from your web site to ours. In addition to the monthly fee, we also pay for each quote that is generated from this link.

Co-Op and Joint Marketing
Our co-op and joint marketing campaigns are available for all types of activities. These include boat shows, regattas, mail campaigns or many other types of activities.

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