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1998 25' Brown/Bieker Trinado

ListingID: bbc553-13091

Price: $45,000

Model: Trinado
Vessel Type: SAIL
Boat Type: Sailboat
Engine Type: Outboard


Hull Material: Other
Engine(s): 1 x 4HP (Yamaha)
Engine Type: Outboard
Fuel: Gas
Location: Seattle, WA

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Humdinger is a very fast and beautifully built 25” trimaran. An unusually good looking boat, the design was a collaboration between Russell Brown and Paul Bieker. Nigel Irens designed the outrigger hulls. Humdinger was built by Russell Brown in 1998 for a client who was more concerned about the construction and weight of the boat than the cost. This shows in the finish and detail work, and in the overall weight, 950 pounds. Construction is wood / epoxy for most of the main hull, carbon and foam for the outrigger hulls, and carbon cross-arms, wing mast & boom.

Accommodations: The central cockpit feels secure, and is much quieter than an aft cockpit. It puts the weight of the crew near the center of the boat. The cockpit is very good ergonomically. The steering is by a lateral whipstaff at the rear of the cockpit. Hiking sticks plug into the tiller, a short telescoping one for steering from the cockpit, and a long carbon one for hiking. Assembly and disassembly takes about two hours, but could be closer to an hour with some changes. The boat is very narrow with low windage on the trailer. The centerboard trunk and storage are under the floor in the forward cabin. The forward cabin can sleep one comfortably, and 2 end to end. The aft cabin, 6’2” long, sleeps one believe it or not. Aft cabin generally used to hold sails, fenders etc Both cabins have custom watertight hatches in the floors. The sealed areas provide collision protection. Companionway hatch is easily removable and stows in aft cabin. This provides easy access to cabin, halyard locks on mast, etc..


Mechanical Equipment: LOA: 25ft BEAM: 17.5ft DRAFT: 13” board and rudder up. Kick up centerboard 4ft6” Trailered beam:7ft Weight: 950lbs


Electronics and Nav Gear: The boat was fresh water sailed and garage stored until 2008. Well equipped with a simple but serious electrical system, auto-pilot, speed/depth, lights


Deck and Hull Equipment: Construction is wood / epoxy for most of the main hull, carbon and foam for the outrigger hulls, and carbon cross-arms, wing mast & boom. Lots of custom carbon hardware also. Humdinger offers performance not often seen is a trimaran this size. It is light because of its minimal volume and careful construction. Much weight savings come from the connective structure. The cross-arms on this boat are supported by wires (sea stays), and slide into molded sleeves in the main hull and outrigger hulls. It does not fold like some trailerable trimarans, but all four cross-arms weigh only 65 pounds. The outrigger hulls weigh 105 lbs each. The weight (950 lbs) is everything including motor.


Sails/Rigging: Mast: Carbon Wing Mast Sails and area: (main, jib, screecher, spinnaker) The upwind sail area as designed is 370 sq ft but with a modern square topped main it would be about 385.


Additional Equipment/Features: This boat will “break free” much sooner than something like a Farrier trimaran, and seems to go upwind quite a bit better than even the larger ones. Molds are available for this boat. The outrigger hulls were built from female molds, and molds were made from the main hull bottom, and from both cabin tops. These molds were carefully built, and have been stored indoors. An extra set of outrigger hulls were also built. These molds are potentially for sale, but building a boat from them would require having Paul Bieker complete the design. Russell and Paul are now co-owners of Humdinger. The boat is located in Seattle WA.